HP Thin Clients (HP)

HP Thin Clients (HP)

Hp T640

Highly secure and optimized for workplace productivity

The HP t640 Thin Client helps keep your data safe across your workflows with built-in security and AMD Memory Guard. Choose the right fit for your specific users and environment with a range of subsystem options.

HP T530 Thin Client

Fan-less design: reliable and completely silent
HP Thin Client is typically fan-less. It does not suck in nor circulate air into its
surroundings, making it ideal either in dirty environments or in clean room
deployments. At the same time, it keeps it very quiet and increases reliability.
Energy-efficient and low heat dissipation
HP Thin Clients is energy efficient, consuming less power than a traditional PC.
This is ideal for cool-room deployments or sites with limited electricity capacity.
Compact design
The slim, compact, design of HP Thin Clients makes it easy to mount inside
other devices (such as kiosk) or behind display screens.
Drive multiple screens
A single HP Thin Client can drive 2, 4 or 6 display screens, each up to 4k resolution2.
Support for fiber-optic networks
HP Thin Clients support fiber-optic network interfaces1(FNIC) that may be
required for installation in large areas or buildings such as factories, airports,
convention-centres, or parks. Fibre-optic network offers fast, secured, low
latency and long-distance nodes.
Embedded operating system
HP Thin Clients run on Linux? or Windows? Embedded operating system, with
enhanced security and smaller OS footprint.
Device-level management
HP Thin Clients are highly manageable remotely, a useful feature to manage
the installation in dispersed locations such as airports or shopping malls.
Warranty and worldwide support services
HP Thin Clients carries a 3-year limited warranty and HP provides peerless
post-sales support and services worldwide.

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